Ceiling Fan Installation

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    Ceiling Fans are a cost effective way to keep rooms cooler in summer by having a breeze travel over your skin and making you feel
    (approx. 5 °) Cooler.

    Ceiling Fans are also a cost effective way to keep rooms warmer in winter by sending the warm air from the space below the ceiling down to where you feel it.

    Another benefit is they help circulate fresh air around the home.

    Dags Electrical can supply and install both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.

    Under Australian Law your ceiling fans must be installed by a licensed qualified electrician.

    Bathroom and Exhaust Fan Installations Dags Electrical can install new exhaust fans in the rooms of your home or business which attract most steam, odours and moisture


    • Bathrooms,
    • Kitchens
    • Laundry rooms
    • Man Caves

    This can help prevent the build-up of mould, mildew and their associated odours.

    Sub-Floor Ventilation Installations: A sub-floor ventilation solution will be of particular interest to those homes or businesses in Western Region and Blue Mountains which have a basement or sub-floor. These kinds of areas attract humidity and moisture and become a perfect environment for house pests like termites and rats that could potentially cause damage to your property.

    Per Job Pricing:
    We provide transparent pricing with our job; we provide pricing before any work is undertaken.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed Service:
    With Dags Electrical you’ll be satisfied with the great level of service you receive.
    Dags Electrical offers a range of electrical services and we insure you the best quality service. We can install fans, replace existing fans, fanlights. We can advise you on the best type of fans to suit your home or business

    To make an enquiry about the installation of the ceiling fans in Sydney Region and Blue Mountains, please contact us on
    0410 513 630.