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    Smoke Alarm Installation & Replacement

    Protect your family, property or business from fire risk.
    Smoke alarms are an essential part of a fire-prevention strategy. Smoke alarms are self-contained devices that detect a fire and give a warning, normally a very loud beeping sound. They are usually fitted to the ceiling. Smoke alarms can detect fires in their early stages. A smoke alarm can save you or your family.

    Functioning smoke alarms are extremely important in maintaining the safety of your home or business.

    What Types of smoke Detectors can be installed?
    There are two main smoke alarms that are installed; we can install either a surface mount or a low profile flush mount.

    Battery Operated
    The Battery operated smoke alarm is what most houses install, they work independently of each other and can be installed throughout the premises. The batteries can last up to 10 years.

    Hard wired smoke alarms – are connected to power mains in the premises. These also feature a backup battery system to ensure when a black out occurs, you still will be safe. These smoke alarms provide high extent safety at all times.

    Smoke alarms are essential in every household or buildings, installing a smoke alarm or detectors are life saving devices. Millions of lives have been saved throughout Australia because of smoke detectors had been installed,

    Smoke alarms can save lives, by choosing the right smoke alarm for your house and they surely must be installed properly. Installing your smoke alarms correctly and making sure they are fully operational is an important step to making your home and family safer from fire.

    Ionisation alarms
    These contain a very small amount of radioactive material, which reacts to particles emitted in a fire and sets off the alarm. Ionisation alarms are best at detecting fast-flaming fires that don’t emit much visible smoke. But many house fires tend to be smoky and smouldering long before they flare into flame, and ionisation alarms aren’t as quick at detecting these. They can also be prone to nuisance alarms from cooking and steam, so shouldn’t be located near your kitchen or bathroom.

    Photoelectric alarms
    These contain a photo cell and a light beam shining away from the cell. When smoke enters the test chamber, some of the light is scattered by the smoke particles and hits the cell, triggering the alarm. Photoelectric alarms are best at detecting smoky and smouldering fires, which is a common type of house fire. Dust or insects entering the unit can cause false alarms, so they have to be cleaned occasionally.

    Dual sensor alarms
    These contain both an ionisation sensor and a photoelectric sensor, and so they get the best and worst features of both types. They can be a good option but as with any ionisation alarm, don’t install them near a kitchen or bathroom.

    At Dags Electrical, we can help install the right smoke detector for your property to ensure maximum safety for you. Call our friendly, professional team today, to see which smoke detector you need.

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