Exit Light and Emergency Light Installation and Testing

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    At Dags Electrical, we supply and install full emergency and exit lighting as well as testing, repairs, maintenance and compliance.

    We will make sure your office, building or workplace is compliant and operational, ensuring your asset is meeting Australian standards 2293.2 and meeting all other relevant industry codes.

    Making sure your workplace is safe and secure:
    You need to ensure staff and visitors can exit your premises safely in the event of a power outage. People need to be able to find and locate to an emergency sign easily; it should be visible and clear at all times, as people rely on the emergency exit lighting to safely evacuate in a timely manner through clear paths of travel with adequate lighting.

    As per Australian standards 2293.2, Emergency and exit light testing must be carried out every 6 months, each unit will inspected prior to discharge test and replace any faulty lamps, each fitting will then undergo a 90 minute test without mains power to ensure back up battery power will last duration of the test.

    To make an enquiry about emergency and exit light testing in Sydney Region and Blue Mountains, please contact us on
    0410 513 630.
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